Million years ago fossil leakey dating

Two fossils named Ardi and Lucy provide evidence for human evolution. Both were found in Africa. Ardi is a female human-like fossilised skeleton that dates from 4.4 million years ago. The bones that make up Ardis feet suggest that humans.

Oldest Human Fossil Found, Redrawing Family Tree

The fossil record fossil record : Preserved evidence of life that provides information about the history of life on Earth. provides evidence for Darwins theory of evolution Charles Darwins theory states that all organisms alive today evolved from more simple.

Million years ago fossil leakey dating

Evidence for human evolution comes from human-like fossilised skeletons which date back millions of years. Scientists have also found genetic evidence for human evolution. Some plants and animals have evolved together in a process called co-evolution.

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Million years ago fossil leakey dating

(4,000 to 6,000 years ago). These dates are only approximate, and the tools have been dated from the environments they were found in.

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